Make 2017 the year you BUILD your brand, your business and your FUTURE!
Erin Birch will guide you through this adventure!

Here's What You Get:
  • A complete attraction marketing training and marketing system so you can SHORTEN YOUR LEARNING CURVE and start marketing online like a TOP EARNER!
  • A custom website blog with ALL the training so you can start building YOUR BRAND!
    Worth $500 - $1000, depending on your needs!
  • A customizable sales funnel system. Completely customizable funnel so you can start generating leads and start getting automatic sign ups.
    Worth $75 / month!
  • A FREE 45 minute one on one coaching call with ME where I will help you create a custom plan to turn what you LOVE to do, your passion, into an income. I will also teach you my kick ass recruited process so you can start getting WAY more sales and sign ups! 
    Worth $225!
  • My personal PDF of questions to ask potential customers and prospects to get them to pull out their credit card because they want to buy from or join YOU!
    Worth $29!
  • Access to my VIP Group for support and fresh training nuggets!
  • Access to the current 90 Days To Harvest program! My colleague (I call her my marketing wife) and I offer a 90 day program that will get you going full tilt at succeeding in your niche with a proven roadmap!
  • TWO Bootcamps! The "Marketing Intensive" bootcamp and the "No Fear Video Marketing" bootcamp are made available to you in your office. Check in and refresh your knowledge and you drive!
    Worth $600!
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS #1: When you stick with it for 30 days, you'll receive a copy of my  "How To Influence Your Prospects So They Say YES!" training!
    "But Erin, why do I have to wait 30 days for that training?"
    Because it's a valuable training and for that first 30 days, you'll be busy mastering how to use the entire system and accessing the professional training available inside. After a month, you'll be ready to tackle new ways to get that "YES" from your leads - and just in time, I'll send you my training which is worth over $600 alone!


Don't just take my word for it, look at what others had to say!

"Don’t you just hate it when right after you signed up for someone’s program, you find the person who is the perfect fit for you? Well that’s what has happened to me! For years I wanted to take a course from a particular leader in home business marketing and finally he offered a program I could afford by paying for it monthly over the next year. I started the course at the end of June. On July 4th I found Erin Birch! On July 5th I wanted to cry because I can’t afford to join Erin’s program until I’m finished paying for the one I just joined! I have learned more in two days with Erin than I have in the last 10 years of frustration trying to figure out how to make money in Network marketing. The important thing – I will stay in touch with Erin through her free programs until I can join her program! Determination! Hopefully, it won’t take a year before I’m able to work with Erin as I think her free tips will get me making money faster than following anything else from anyone else!"
CharlotteOnline Marketing Entrepreneur

"Oh Erin I can't wait to see your products. To anyone reading this I have NEVER seen anyone teach rapport building in such an easy and ready - to - do - right now way like Erin Birch."
Industry Top Earner

"Erin I just can not get my head round how nice you are and that you took got back to me. You have no idea how much i've cried out for leadership like this. To be honest I almost began to think it never existed. I said to Jesse Jameson ( I recently purchased his fb course) that in my experience there are three types of leaders - who are all either 6 or 7 figure income earners - type 1 are those who delibetatly miss out 30 - 40 % of the real actionable content to get you results. They know how to get your money with glitzy testimonials but never want you to succeed too much so hold back on the real explosive action steps. The ones that they never provide a fb group to support you and are ' unreachable ' all the time. The second type are those who mean well and have a huge heart to help but simply over complicate things. The third type are those like you and Brian. Succesful but also want to share all the golden nuggets AND have the skill to teach in a non confusing way. Erin U have spent hours listening to ' training ' on prospecting and rapport building and it's not a touch on yours. I mean it. All I ask is that as you skyrocket from 6 figures to 7 figures that you never ever change. You have changed how I view leadership and what it REALLY means to serve with value. "
Orvil Edward WalcottIndustry Top Earner

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These special limited-time bonuses will help kick start your progress!
Unlimited Access to Professional Training Library PRICELESSVALUE

Inside your new office, you'll find training on just about every way you can recruit, generate leads and close sales online!

  • YouTube
  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • SEO on your website or blog
BONUS: The List Of Questions To Ask $29VALUE
prospecting book cover

When I started out, I made mistakes and sometimes even drove potential clients away! Over time, I developed this list of questions to ask that will have people ready to buy from you NOW!

  • Find their pain and solve it.
  • Why starting softly is beneficial.
  • When to ask the hard questions!

Get online with me for a free coaching session!

  • You'll learn what drives and motivates you!
  • Discover what your passion is!
  • Take action to create the life you want and love by DOING what you're passionate about!
  • After 30 days, you'll also receive my "How To Influence Your Prospects So They Say YES!" training!